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Photographers with experience know that the best time to capture an evening shot against a rich blue sky is just after sunset. At that point in time, the light from the setting sun illuminates the sky and the landscape in roughly equal measure. However, this moment is very brief - only about 10 minutes. To get the best shot, you must be ready at the right time with your camera mounted on a tripod.

Even though it is not an hour long, this brief period is known as "golden hour." After this point, there is a short period, called "blue hour", and after that the sky rapidly becomes dark, and the beautiful contrast between, say, a cityscape and a rich blue sky quickly fades; house silhouettes begin to blend with the black sky.

The link below will take you to a calculator that will allow you to calculate the time of sunset anywhere on the planet and provide you with the appropriate table for the current month. The calculator automatically determines your location and the current month. You only need to click the "Submit" button. If necessary, enter the name of another city, as well as a different month and year.

Furthermore, the calculator computes the "golden hour" - the period of time between sunrise and sunset when the light has a pleasant golden hue. To determine the duration of the "Golden Hour," simply change the mode in the "Mode" window.

But that isn't all. When you have the sunrise and sunset table for your area, a click on any date will show you where the sun will rise and where it will set.

Calculator for sunrise and sunset